The Issues


As a former public-school teacher, Gayle knows the importance of a quality education.  That’s why she’s a strong voice for empowering families when it comes to their children’s education.  It’s also why she worked with Governor DeSantis to approve record funding for public schools and pass teacher pay raises, so Florida is able to recruit and retain the best teachers in the nation.  Gayle Harrell is fighting to make sure Florida students are safe at school and are receiving a top-notch education.  Gayle knows the best way to build a brighter future in Florida is by supporting our students and teachers.


COVID-19 has made health care and public health a central issue in our daily lives.  Fortunately for us, Senator Gayle Harrell is a battle tested health care leader.  Gayle has a track record of protecting patients and seniors across Florida.  She led the charge to modernize the regulation of Assisted Living Facilities and paved the way for telehealth in Florida.  Gayle is also a strong voice for protecting the doctor-patient relationship, ensuring that healthcare decisions are made between you and your doctor.  While the future is uncertain, you can count on Gayle Harrell to continue working for safe, accessible and affordable health care in Florida!


As the daughter of a WWII veteran, wife of an Army medic and mother of an Air Force veteran, Gayle Harrell understands what it means to wear the uniform.  Gayle also understands that the sacrifices that come with serving in the military are shared by the entire family, not just the servicemember.  Gayle Harrell is a strong advocate for veterans in Florida.  Whether it is her leadership in securing funding for the 120 bed Veterans’ Nursing Home in Port Saint Lucie, providing in-state tuition for veterans attending college in Florida, or stiffening penalties for “stolen valor” Gayle Harrell is a champion for Florida’s veterans.


The environment – and particularly water quality – is a top issue on the Treasure Coast.  Senator Gayle Harrell is committed to cleaning up our waterways and stopping toxic discharges from Lake Okeechobee.  Just this year, Gayle supported record funding for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection including $318 million for Everglades restoration and $237 million in water quality improvements.  Gayle also spearheaded the Clean Waterways Act, a science-driven bill that transforms policy regarding septic tanks, biosolids, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, as well as agriculture.  Gayle Harrell is focused on finding meaningful solutions to the water quality issues our community faces.


The best way to help our community recover from COVID-19 is to make sure that everyone who wants a job can get a job.  Gayle Harrell knows how to support job creators in Florida: keep taxes low, cut red tape and burdensome regulation and work with our local Colleges to retrain displaced workers.  Gayle is working with Governor DeSantis and local community and business leaders to safely reopen our economy and get Floridians back to work.