gayle harrell for state senate



Gayle’s commitment and service to our community prepared her for her role as our Representative in the Florida House of Representatives. As a child in a military family, a devoted wife and proud mother, a dedicated teacher, a successful business woman, and a committed community volunteer, Gayle was prepared to serve when she was elected to the Florida House of Representatives.

Gayle has used those same skills to identify problems and work with her constituents to solve them. As a result of her leadership, hard work and dedication she has received many awards and has been recognized by numerous organizations for her efforts in the Florida House of Representatives.  

Gayle has also stayed close to her community even when she is often called to Tallahassee for Committee meetings, regular Session, or Special Sessions. Whether it is organizing events such as the Juvenile Justice Work Group, DUI and Alcohol Abuse Task Force meetings, Mental Child Abuse working groups, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Community Forums and many others, Gayle is always there to listen to her constituents.


Restarting the Economy

The best way to help our community recover from COVID-19 is to make sure that everyone who wants a job can get a job.  Gayle Harrell knows how to support job creators in Florida: keep taxes low, cut red tape and burdensome regulation and work with our local Colleges to retrain displaced workers.  Gayle is working with Governor DeSantis and local community and business leaders to safely reopen our economy and get Floridians back to work.


The environment – and particularly water quality – is a top issue on the Treasure Coast.  Senator Gayle Harrell is committed to cleaning up our waterways and stopping toxic discharges from Lake Okeechobee.  Just this year, Gayle supported record funding for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection including $318 million for Everglades restoration and $237 million in water quality improvements. 


We know the sacrifices made by military families aren’ t made by just an individual but by the entire family, including the children of service members.

This year, the Florida Senate passed legislation that gives greater flexibility to transitioning students from military families by considering a student a resident of the school district at the point in time in which the parent is transferred or pending transfer to a military installation within the state.



  • Florida Chamber of Commerce Endorsement
    The Florida Chamber of Commerce announces its endorsement of Gayle Harrell for the Florida Senate District 25.
  • Senator Harrell Helps Constituents With Unemployment Claims
    Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 and businesses having to shut down and furlough their employees, Senator Harrell, along with her staff have assisted over 1200 Treasure Coast residents with their unemployment claims since the middle of March.
  • Senator Gayle Harrell Kicks Off Her Campaign
    Recently Senator Harrell hosted her re-election campaign with many community leaders, friends and family. Due to Covid-19, Senator Harrell supplied her guests with masks to wear if they chose to. We are appreciative of everyone who joined us in person, online, and in spirit! Check out some photos from the event in the post!