Unsung Hero Fighting to Stop Algae Blooms

July 27, 2016

Nancy Smith writes about Gayle’s work on Legacy Florida:

“It seems odd to find heroes in the middle of a crisis that has no immediate solution. Heroes are supposed to sweep in and save the day — and I don’t believe anybody is going to be able to quick-fix the punishing fresh water releases from Lake Okeechobee.

But I’d like to say a word for the dogged determination of state Rep. Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart. For a very long time, Harrell has done as much as anyone I know to get the attention of politicians and bureaucrats above or beyond her station to address the plight of the St. Lucie estuary. I believe she’s moving the needle. In my book, she’s a hero….

Throughout the legislative process, Harrell was too often left out of the limelight. Negron is the rising Senate president; it was his celebrity the cameras followed, and that’s understandable. True, it doesn’t matter who gets credit for a good and important bill as long as it passes — and Negron and Harrell both live at Ground Zero for the algae crisis — it still strikes me now as a little unfair that I’ve largely glided over Harrell’s contribution without so much as a mention.”


Read the full Sunshine State News article by Smith on July 5th 2016 Click-Here.