Improving Education

gayle teaching

Gayle believes that our kids are our future and deserve the very best educational opportunities from the time they enter pre-kindergarten to the time they leave high school. Florida’s students must have the skills and be prepared to successfully compete in the global marketplace.

Florida’s children deserve an education system that maximizes every student’s potential and equips every child to achieve that potential. Gayle is committed to ensuring Florida’s education system is uniquely tailored to the needs of our students, expanding pathways out of poverty through education and reigning in the cost of a college education.

gayle-reading-with-studentLearning to read is foundational. Children learn to read in grades K-3 and then read to learn thereafter. Yet more than a third of our students do not read on grade level. Gayle is committed to improving reading education in our schools. Having two grandchildren who have dyslexia, she understands who important it is to provide the appropriate teaching methodologies for each student to equip them with this basic skill for learning.

Gayle has spent over 40 years working to improve education in our state. She has taught in our public schools and volunteered at all her children’s schools, serving as President of the School Advisory Committees for Martin County High School and Stuart Middle School, the Comprehensive Planning Council and Chairman of the School Based Management Task Force. Gayle was also selected by the Commissioner of Education to serve on the State Instructional Materials Committee to select the textbooks for the State Textbook Adoption list in Chemistry and General Sciences. She has worked tirelessly to improve our public education system.

educ01-150Gayle believes Florida, not the federal government, is best suited to determine how to prepare our students to succeed in college and their careers. She believes when local control is emphasized and enhanced, parents are given a stronger voice in what their children are taught.

As a Member of the Florida House of Representatives, Gayle has worked to hold our schools accountable, provide opportunities for school choice, adequately fund our educational system and insure that Florida, not the federal government determines how to prepare out students for success.