Cutting Taxes & Reducing Spending


Gayle is a fiscal conservative and believes we should be able to keep more of our hard-earned dollars. In both the “good times and bad times” we have faced in Florida, she has fought hard to prevent tax increases and keep our taxes low. She believes low taxes are essential to spur economic growth and secure Florida’s economic future.

Just a few short years ago, Florida was facing tremendous challenges—lost jobs, a budget in the “red”, and declining revenues and a $6.4 billion budget shortfall. Liberals were calling for tax increases and in fact, many governments across the country facing similar problems rushed to raise taxes on their people to fill deficits and fuel spending.

Gayle fought hard against attempts to increase debt and spending that were adopted by the federal government and many other states.   She helped chart a different course—one of fiscally conservative principles—to put Florida back on the path to prosperity.

gayleswingsetNow, due to the responsible fiscal management of the state and consistent focus on pro-growth economic policies, Gayle has helped turn what was a $6.4 billion budget shortfall just a few years ago into a surplus and once again offer meaningful tax relief for all Floridians.

Gayle voted to cut over $500 million in taxes and fees for Florida’s families and businesses this past year for a total of over $1 billion in the past 2 years. These tax and fee cuts are the largest of its kind in over a decade.

Gayle will continue to be a tax cutter.