A Proven Tax-Cutter Who Holds The Line On Spending

  • Cutting Taxes


    Gayle is a tried and true fiscal conservative. Gayle has voted to cut over $29 billion in taxes cuts as our State Representative.

  • Reforming Property Taxes


    Gayle fought for and helped pass the largest property tax cut in Florida’s history. The Property Tax Reform statutory changes provided $15 billion in tax cuts for property owners and business over 5 years and the Constitutional Amendment provided $16 billion in tax cuts to homeowners over 5 years.

  • Fighting for Taxpayers

    • Gayle sponsored the renewal of the Florida Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.
    • Gayle voted to repeal the intangible tax on seniors and savers.
    • Gayle has consistently supported Tax Holidays a means to return taxpayer dollars to taxpayers.