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Gayle believes that we must transform our current healthcare system into a 21st century system that empowers and incentivizes individuals, improves outcomes, increases access and decreases costs.

Healthcare costs have grown from 14 % of our economy to over 21 % as “baby boomers” enter the Medicare system and as technology continues to grow.    “Obamacare” is NOT the answer.  In fact, the cost of health insurance for many Floridians has increased since it was passed by Congress.

Gayle believes that we must create an intelligent 21st century system healthcare system by putting the patient in control of his/her healthcare.


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Newt Gingrich speaking at the Health Transformation Summit

True Healthcare Reform must:

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Gov Bush Signing the Medicaid Reform Bill

“Obamacare” plans to cut almost 800 Billion dollars from the Medicare budget while adding approximately 77 million baby-

boomers to the Medicare rolls. This cannot be done without cutting services to the Medicare patients.  In fact, many seniors in Florida who use Medicare Advantage plans are already experiencing increases in premiums and decreases in coverage.

The decrease of the amount of money an individual can put into a Medical Savings Account from $5,000 to $ 2,500 essentially makes these accounts non-functional. Medical Savings Accounts are the only plans that puts the patient back in control of their own health care.