• Gayle has served as the Chair of the principal Committee dealing with Human Services in the Florida House for 4 years and the Children and Youth Cabinet for 6 years. The Cabinet is comprised of the Directors or Secretaries of all the agencies or departments in state government that address issues related to children and youth.
    • Chair, Healthy Families Sub-Committee,
    • Chair, Health and Human Services Access Sub-Committee,


  • Gayle sponsored HB 715 Child Protection Teams to recognize Child Protection Teams as agents of the state for purposes of sovereign immunity
  • Gayle sponsored HB 495 Centers for Independent Living to provide additional support and services to those who have extreme physical disabilities to enable them to work
  • Gayle sponsored HB 7097 to transform the mental health and substance abuse treatment systems
  • Gayle sponsored HB 7169 Child Protection and Child Welfare Service to transform the child welfare system
  • Gayle sponsored HB 7021 Sexually Violent Predators to protect children and adults from violent sexual predators
  • Gayle sponsored HB 7141 Human Trafficking to establish safe houses and safe foster homes for sexually exploited children